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Anonymous: the thing is BECAUSE it is so, so, so horrible, unbearable even, something no one deserves, not even the worst of people, that it is so amazing that you can get past it. i'm sorry, i did not want to trivialize your pain. the opposite, actually. of course it would be better if you didn't have them. but the terrible reality is that the world is not just. and being able to cope with that is equally amazing as the panic is horrific. i think we have to remember that sometimes. 

Oh no, don’t worry anon, you’re not trivializing! Yeah, the world is appallingly unjust…that’s what gets me down even at times when the anxiety isn’t so bad. I spent a lot of yesterday just lying in bed wondering if it was worth doing anything, and that really got me worried. (Luckily, I ended up getting up.)

But it helps so much to know people are rooting for me. It helps SO MUCH. <3

Anonymous: you are great! fuck the panic attack! you are stronger than it, to some extend, you are used to it happening. this is a beautiful day, you have all options ahead of you. and it started with something horrific, but at the same time with something amazing. and that is your ability to deal with it. your ability to move past the pain, and towards taking life into your own hands. in some way, the day started with something beautiful. celebrate yourself! 

Oh god, panic attacks -I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. Awful, horrible experiences, all the time. :(

But yes, you’re right, I’m dealing with them…surprisingly well. I heard a really good quote once that went ‘if you’re having a crappy time, try to have the best crappy time you can have’ and that’s proving very helpful. So I will celebrate. :)

Thank you for these anon. <3

5 Shocking Ways the Modern World Screws Blind People

Jesus Christ, I had no idea about any of this. Not even the taser incident, and I live in Britain!

How absolutely shitty. :(

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#the adventures of ernest hemingway and f scott fitzgerald

Anonymous: you have accepted your pain as a part of you, and that is strong. identifying with your affliction is an important step. however, it is just as important that this is not the last one you need to take in order to grow up, heal, not come to a standstill. the next one is realizing that this is just a part of you, not all of you, and that there are many more important things to identify with. you made that step as well. and with that you are farther ahead than most people and that is beautiful. 


Thank you anon. These are great.

Anonymous: you are amazing. you are burdened heavily, but you got past the pain and the fear and managed to do what is necessary and stand up again, walked on, accepted the presence of the unbearable and found the strength to look for a better place to go. accepted that it will happen again, but that that doesn't mean in between you don't get to enjoy yourself. you took your life into your own hands, did what you could. many, many times. and that is amazing. you are amazing. 

I love getting messages like this. Thank you so much. <3

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Today I brought food to my friend dealing with an infection; we made a delicious smoothie and watched The X-Files. It was great, and he’s recovering really well.

Oooh yes, that is good. I hope he recovers fully soon. :)

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