OTPS I Love To Pieces:


Who: My Disney OTP, from Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. He’s a dorky Captain and she’s a badass Romani dancer.

Who plays them: Kevin Kline and Demi Moore did their voices.

Why: Okay, so Esmerelda isn’t part of the official Disney Princess lineup, but I think she’s actually my favourite Disney woman, princess or not princess. She’s a TOTAL BADASS. And then there’s Phoebus, who’s an adorable noble dork who needs to be rescued by her three times in the movie. (Reversal of stereotypes seems to be a thing lots of my OTPs have in common.) They both have a love of justice, and a hatred of innocents suffering, and a lot of fighting spirit in them. On their own either one would be brilliant but together they’re amazing.

Best moment: Phoebus watches in awe as Emerelda single-handedly escapes ten of Frollo’s men and humiliates Frollo in front of a massive crowd. “What a woman!”

Second-best moment: At the end of the movie Quasimodo takes both their hands and puts them together, giving his blessing for the relationship and symbolically marrying them.

Fun fact: Back in the Nineties I had actual Barbie dolls of these two. They used to go around as a couple and befriend all the other Barbies.

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