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I wonder whether Amy’s parents ever read Amelia Williams’s books and thought that Amelia would be a lovely name for their daughter.

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Oh, a reference to her legs. :/

Ohhhhhhh…damn. Well, that’s a black mark against the episode, I’d prefer for Amy to be remembered for her bravery or her intelligence or her wit instead. >:/

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shoutout to Amy WHERE

When Clara’s kicking the sonic screwdriver across, the Doctor says “Times like this I miss Amy” and Clara says “Who?” I think, and…that’s it. Which, admittedly, isn’t what I’d have chosen as a shout-out, but…at least she got a mention!

Doctor Who commentaries: “What was Amy Pond thinking?”

Okay, as problematic as some of Amy’s storylines (read: pregnancy arc) were, I look at what’s being said here and my first feeling is actually relief:

Amy gets a lot of criticism for not being ‘normal’ like Rose, Martha or Donna. And hey, that criticism has a grain of truth to it, because you know what? Amy isn’t normal. She’s not like Rose, Martha or Donna- but she is like me: I’m not normal either. Doubting your own mind? Being embarassed about doubting your own mind? Wondering what everyone else will think, or is seeing? I do that a lot.

I’m never going to fly in the TARDIS or swordfight pirates or float in space. I’m also never going to fight a werewolf, or walk the Earth, or whack a Sontaran in the back of the head. But one thing I know for certain I will do is disbelieve my own eyes, doubt my own thoughts, try to convince myself of things - so yeah, even if this part of her is slightly less developed than I’d have liked, even though some awful things happened to Amy throughout her story - I am very very glad she’s not normal.


fandom is still like "amy pond and clara oswald aren’t normal people" and i’m sitting here like. sure, maybe their pasts aren’t as broad or relatable as being out of school without a job, but y’know what? people with abandonment issues exist. people with loved ones who mock and dismiss their experiences exist. people who want to travel but can’t for whatever reason exist. people without guardians or parents exist. people who get called crazy exist. there are kids out there with aunts who leave them alone at night and there are kids, teenagers and adults who feel like outcasts. there are people afraid to say “i love you” because the people they love and trust always leave

and okay maybe these don’t apply to everyone. that’s cool, i don’t relate to being a temp after all. but people who relate to these things exist. so however you feel, these characters are important to people and you don’t get to tell those people the’re wrong. because chances are they’ve been hearing that all their lives

You’re a mother aren’t you?
How did you know?
There’s a kindness in your eyes. And sadness.

Amy Pond A to Z [inspired by]


do u ever get really sad cuz amy pond is a beautifully complex, unique and multilayered character but fandom reduces her to a couple of traits and disregards everything else about her because they hate the person writing the show