evayna asked: Jenny or Vastra?


Clara Oswald ~ Robot of Sherwood 

Pssst! Guys! We’ve seen this girl twice now - once in Deep Breath, once in Into The Dalek (where she briefly appears in a scene with Danny). And she has a name, Courtney, and she’s played by Ellis George. And, (look away now if you want absolutely no spoilers altogether) here’s something Samuel Anderson Instagrammed a while back:

"there’s a new member in the #whocrew my little sis @ellisgeorge" [x]

We’ve met Danny’s little sister!


Doctor Who - 12 by Matt Ferguson


Doctor Who - 12 by Matt Ferguson

Journey Blue: take me with you
Doctor: no sorry we already have a person with a colour themed named scheduled to be a main character but hey better luck next season
#I read that as 'we already have a person of color'#and that works too >: ( (via creepingmonsterism)


There is someonethat I always wanted to meet.

I am so excited for this episode!


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Dalek 1x06 // Into the Dalek 8x02