And another Rose Tyler for Ash because I wasn’t happy with the first one but din’t know how to improve it. Hope you like it!
Want a painting?


And another Rose Tyler for Ash because I wasn’t happy with the first one but din’t know how to improve it. Hope you like it!

Want a painting?


tell me, where do we go from here?


tell me, where do we go from here?

And then I grew up. 

- Oh you never wanna do that 


consider: the last planet in the universe used to be a very popular tourist desitination, before it began to wither away and die. but one thing never left, never died, even once the midnight sky had dissolved to nothing, and it’s still knocking



It’s been almost two years since Amy Pond left so what better time to remember and appreciate her? Let’s dedicate a whole week to our magnificent Amy Pond. Make graphics, gifs, meta, fic, fanmixes, headcanons, whatever you want.

 Day 1: Favorite Moment(s) and/or Favorite Quote(s)

 Day 2: Favorite Hairstyle(s) and/or Outfit(s)

 Day 3: Favorite Relationship/Friendship

 Day 4: Favorite Series/Arc

 Day 5One Episode

 Day 6: Favourite Traits

 Day 7: Free Choice 

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Today in ‘Martha/Freema was treated pretty damn badly when she joined Doctor Who’:





One of those things is not like the others.

The only official Black companion and we put the white man who shows up for 3 episodes on the fucking cover.

But white supremacy aint a thing?

I have the third season box set and one thing that I can say is the the Master is the BOOKLET cover, Martha is on her rightful place on the front here is a pic. I repeat the Master is on the BOOKLET, the BOOKLET  COVER… or on the BOOKLET. martha is front and sightly off center, cause come on the show is called Doctor Who, she is there.  


This post was tagged ‘sjwstupidity’ and ‘do your research’, and after staring at it for a few minutes (does this person think I Photoshopped a whole different DVD over the Martha one for the sake of OMG SOCIAL JUSTICE or something?) I thought, what the hell, I like research. I’ll do some more!

Here’s the Region 1 DVD of Series Three:

There she is! Nice one, America. (No, seriously.)

But this is the Region Two one, the one British folks got, the first one the BBC released:

Where is she? Certainly not on the front- John Simm’s Master appeared beside the Doctor instead. Now, I understand why they did this! Honestly I do. John Simm was a big name in the UK at the time - he was doing Life On Mars which was a massive hit, kids loved his Master, adults loved his whole (extensive) body of work - he was very marketable. So on the cover he goes!

But sadly, this came at the expense of Freema Agyeman and Martha. (We…can’t have three people on the cover, after all?) As the Doctor and Master smolder out from the front of the boxset-

-Martha’s only on the back.

'So just turn it around if it bothers you that much, you stupid social justice warrior whine machine' I hear you say. But that's not the point! Martha/Freema had been a huge part of the show for ages by the time the BBC released that DVD. She had been just as integral to it as Billie Piper had been to Season One and Two, and as Catherine Tate would be to Series Four - and yet, the BBC didn't see her as marketable, in the UK. Not as much as the white characters. And you know-

-of all the companions, I look the most like Clara. Huh, she’s barely on there either. (Although I’d say it’s more or less a given that she’ll be on the Series Eight DVD.) Well, why worry? Because I also, give or take the hair colour, look a little like Rose. And Amy! Get a few more years on me and I might look like Donna or River. (…she wishes.) But there are MILLIONS of British kids who look just like Martha, and who like and respect her an awful lot, and who when sorting out their DVD collection will absolutely notice that the (only!) companion who looks like them didn’t make it to the front cover. Or even the flippin’ booklet:

Sure, the Doctor’s there too, but Martha’s still the only companion to be regulated to the back of the DVDs, along with the blank space, credits, and the dehumanized monsters:

That is a problem.


I just want to thank Steven Moffat for that episode. People always are telling you to face your fears, and that once you realize they aren’t real or rational, then you can get over them. You always hear that it’s just like when you are a kid and you learn that there is no reason to be afraid of the dark. As if people who have phobias or anxiety disorders don’t know that.

We aren’t ever told that it doesn’t matter if it’s irrational or not. I don’t think I’ve ever been told that the fear will never leave me, but that it’s ok and that fear can make me better. No one else has called fear a super power, without sounding condescending and insincere. Clara’s speech is one of the most empowering and reassuring things I’ve heard in years, and it means so, so much to me.

Seconded. I have serious, serious anxiety problems, and this episode made me feel, no kidding, BETTER.


Danny Pink + his famous I’m going to bang my head on the table now because I don’t know why I said that action

“Fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly, fear can make you kind” — Clara Oswald (via tick-tock-its-sherlock)