Danny Pink: Clara, all I want is for you to be honest with me.
DW fandom: OMG HOW DARE HE??? asking for honesty...... in rELATIONSHIP?!! that is ABUSIVE!!!!1!! HE IS MAKING UNFAIR DEMANDS!1!1!! HE IS AN ARROGANT AND CONTROLLING ABUSER!!!!!!!!!!

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Venturing into the Danny Pink tag (don’t do it) one of the main complaints about Danny seems to be that he was rude to the Doctor with his ‘Time lord / aristocracy’ comments. Aside from the fact that that’s incredibly mild considering what the Doctor was heaping on him

…you really can’t seperate race and class from all that, mmkay? I’m not qualified to speak much about this (actually I’m kinda making this post hoping to find someone who is) but on the surface of it - Danny’s black and grew up in a children’s home; the Doctor’s white and is called ‘lord’ as a matter of course. That’s a power imbalance right there. Danny tells Clara the Doctor’s ‘an officer’ - I don’t know if this has changed, I know nothing about the British Army despite being British - but generally throughout history the officers of the British Army were aristocracy. They were also the ones, as far as I know* who during WWI and WWII sat back in relative comfort while the men below them were slaughtered. This is a big implication for Danny to make about the Doctor, but considering his body count I don’t think it’s entirely unjustified.

Also, I think this is why Danny instantly mock-deferring to the Doctor is such a clever move on his part, because it’s basically Danny saying to him  “You’re a stuffy, pompous old man accustomed to barking orders’. In response to which, the Doctor…instantly barks orders. You can tell by the attitude, indeed…



- Time Lord! Might have known!
- Might have know what?

Best bit of the episode by a lot. This scene alone made me like Danny so much more

Crazed “Kill the Moon” Fan Theory Under the Cut


It’s been awhile since we’ve had an emotional bombshell episode on Doctor Who. With that in mind: 

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This is a pretty good theory considering what we know, but I do think-

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I love Rory Williams and he’ll always be one of my favourite Who characters, but I think the reaction to him versus the reaction to Danny has been very, very telling.

Anonymous: Martha wasn't hated because she was black, she was hated because she was very clingy, needy and jealous (but as soon as she realized this and got out of there, she was much better liked). Danny isn't being disliked because he's black. He's being disliked because he's a pompous, jealous, arrogant, controlling prick. 


This is what I don’t get though. “Clingy, Needy, and Jealous”.  Clingy because she stayed around him through space and time because clearly he is the expert here.  Needy because she asked for instructions?  Needy because all the time she has helped saved them, he still never viewed her as Martha Jones, but as not Rose?  And was she really jealous of Rose or just wanted to not be constantly, and blatantly shown that she is just not good enough for the Doctor?  And for the record, most of her complaints about her relationship with The Doctor, it was to outside people who kept asking her about it or to herself, not him. Again you’re entitled to your opinion.  As for Danny, he is pompous because he doesn’t want Clara to lie to him? Jealous because she is spending most of her time with this guy SHE NEVER TOLD HIM ABOUT, arrogant when? Arrogant because he is just as important as a person and a boyfriend to be respected and not constantly lied to?  Finally I think people only think he is controlling is because he wants Clara to tell him IF SHE IS BEING PUSHED TO FAR.  He didn’t say don’t see him.  He didn’t influence any of her choices so where in the hell did he control her?  

"[Danny is] a pompous, jealous, arrogant, controlling prick"

So like the Doctor then.

A few more thoughts on The Caretaker:

  • It’s nice that the student body of Coal Hill School actually more or less represents the actual ethnic makeup of London (No, this isn’t sarcasm, I really liked that.)
  • Clara seemed far more…exaggerated? in this episode, and I’m not sure I liked that.
  • This episode passed the POC Bechdel Test (the bit where Mr and Mrs Woods, Courtney’s parents, discuss her with Danny)
  • I really like Courtney. Secretly I hope she comes on board as a frequently unimpressed companion (either the her we know now, or an adult version of her, I don’t mind.)
  • I like Twelve’s outfits as the caretaker much more than I like his actual regular outfit.
  • I keep forgetting Chris Addison can actually act, I only ever see him on panel shows these days
  • Twelve had better shape the hell up re: Danny, although judging by the next-time I don’t think Danny’s even in the next episode, so I suspect I might have to wait a bit

reluctantheroine: Yeah I get the feeling that either Danny or Clara are going to legit die, given how much of the season so far has been about the doctor leading people into death (or in the case of the time heist near death). And yeah the whole Docter disrespecting a companion's POC boyfriend thing again is :( At least the narrative is more supportive of Danny than 12 but yeah 

I wouldn’t mind so much (at least we’re supposed to be on Danny’s side) if it didn’t fit into this infuriating, infuriating narrative of ‘the Doctor just doesn’t seem to warm to his POC companions at first’. It makes me dislike and distrust the Doctor, for a start. :(

Damn I’m so worried Danny’s going to die. I suspect as soon as we find out whom he killed and why, he’s going to slam straight into the Redemption Equals Death trope, and become a plot device to get Clara out of the TARDIS. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t know…

“I’m saying that because if you don’t tell me the truth I can’t help you. And I could never stand not being able to help you.” — Danny Pink (via drinkwithmegrantaire)