klauskaros: Hello there! Once i saw your brilliant pictures there were 2 thoughts: 1. your work is absolutelly FANTASTIC!! Your drawing style, colors, conversations - everything! 2. I'm such a looser! I can't draw comics properly (though I'm trying and i thought that i was doing great) and that I'll never be better than now.. oh well, life still goes on, we carry on, so you keep drawing these wonderfull comics! :) And one tiny request, can you draw something for this question/compliment? :D 




thematic elements of Series 8, taken from the SFX episode guide

8x01 - Clara’s uncertainly about regeneration fear of change (standard monster episode)

8x02 - gritty/nasty (Dalek episode)

8x03 - what it means to be a hero for the Doctor and Clara (Robin Hood)

8x04 - the Doctor with nothing to do/scary (small cast, no CGI, bottle episode)

8x05 - normal day (heist movie, guest star vehicle)

8x06 - the people around Clara (funny with occasional serious)

8x07 - normal day (serious drama with monsters)

8x08 - the Doctor tying up loose ends from his past (monster episode with a singer so slightly offbeat?)

8x09 - pause in the character arcs a la Blink (horror story)

8x10 - the last good day a la Fear Her oh please no (poetic fairytale)

8x11/8x12 - Clara and the Doctor and whether their relationship is healthy (action-adventure, Cybermen, UNIT, two-part big more similar to RTD finale)

there’s a lot of cool things to look out for in there… maybe an identity/role/responsibility theme with the Doctor’s regeneration and coming from Trenzalore where he didn’t do his suddenly changing a world for the better thing for a very long time, and Clara losing touch of that balance between her two lives, with almost certain dark!Whouffle development

also the structure is interesting… these couple of fairly standard episodes in the middle are something that the split season doesn’t allow, and they lie on either side of an episode centred on Clara’s home life, so they could be very revealing snapshots of where the Doctor and Clara are at right now

also the last four looks a lot like the end of an RTD series with a possible standalone, a sentimental episode then a big finale on modern Earth… I’m worried with how much that looks like a companion departure tbh

So freaking excited!! Especially Clara losing her ability to balance things perfectly, and the dark!Whouffle thing is a dream come true for me.

Here’s my prediction for the Clara/Doctor relationship evolution this season:

Ep 1-5: Clara having a positive influence on the Doctor’s meanness

Ep 6: The Doctor is also having an obvious influence on Clara’s more ruthless side and that paired with instability in her home life means that instead of the Doctor changing, it’s Clara

Eps 7-10: Slow, background development of Clara no longer prioritising her masks/being the best she can be etc. Way more glimpses of the non-perfect, slightly scary Clara we saw in Hide

Finale: The Doctor is nicer than he was at the start, but Clara is darker and they’re destructive to each other in that they aren’t making each other better, and also to people around them and possibly the universe.

Also the poetic fairytale ep could be an absolutely stunning Clara ep with the idea of Disney vs Grimm Brothers and is your happy ending pleasant or earned with some ruthlessness and darkness. Probably won’t be the point of the episode, but might be a good comparison to make in meta if Clara’s arc goes the way I think it will.

And NO NO NO NO CLARA WILL NOT BE LEAVING but yeah it does kinda look like that in terms of structure… 

There’s gonna be at least one Clara’s family episode? EXCELLENT.

Anonymous: my problem is that the eleventh doctor only chose to ask amy and actual!clara to travel with him because of their mysteries. amy's house was 'too big with a crack in her wall' and clara had echoes, they were the reasons he asked them aboard, he says so to amy in TPO and we know why he asked clara, that's right there in the episodes. and i feel like the eleventh doctor wouldn't ask ME, an ordinary girl to travel with him, it makes me feel like shit, that he wouldn't be interested in me :( 


I know this will appear profoundly odd to you, but Amy is actually the one companion who makes me feel like it could be me there. The Doctor took her with him because he realised, or had a suspicion, about what happened to her and her family - but there’s no need to see this in a literal manner of “you have to have a crack in your wall to make the Doctor travel with you”. A lot of Amy’s character and story works in metaphors and for me that’s one of those things.

Because, really, he saw someone who was strangely out of place. A big house, a small girl. Damaged even, a life being devoured, pieces being taken she didn’t know she was missing. Grieving losses she couldn’t remember. She can be brave, she can fall on her feet, but she’s still misunderstood, still afraid of being abandoned, still scared too trust. She’s the most intrinsically flawed of all the companions, because she can’t not be.

He didn’t “take the best”. He took the most lost.

And maybe that’s a little messed up, but that is way closer to me than all other companions combined.

I’m really sorry if it makes you feel sad that you can’t find yourself in this, but you really need to understand that what you should feel like is incredibly grateful that another companion can do that for you. And grant me Amy Pond.

(And grant others Clara Oswald, who actually is an ordinary girl and whose echo the Doctor offered to take travelling long before he realised her connection to the girl in the Dalek Asylum.)

I like Nine just fine, but he would never, ever have taken me as a companion. I’m not good in bad situations, I would’ve been a Julia, or a Penny, or at worst an Adam. I am not ‘the best’, and in truth I always rather deeply resented that only being ‘the best’ would win you travel and adventure and respect. (Because even then this wasn’t applied across the board: Martha does everything Rose did and then some, and for six episodes she’s still firmly told by the Doctor ‘nope, you’re just a passenger.’)

I was SO GLAD when that changed, I really was.



Doctor Who name meanings


To my delight, that still just about holds up, and I would like to adopt it as a official Fandom Title for River.


do u ever get really sad cuz amy pond is a beautifully complex, unique and multilayered character but fandom reduces her to a couple of traits and disregards everything else about her because they hate the person writing the show

Anonymous: Honestly, I haven't seen much of Doctor Who, and especially not enough to criticize either showrunner, so most of my dislike for Moffat stems from what he's done with Sherlock and from his treatment of fans. Just wondering if you had any thoughts in that area? Your analyses are always very articulate ;) 

(Thanks!) Good question!

I don’t much like what he’s done with Sherlock, either (both the show and the character) - I think Elementary’s wayyyy truer to the source material. As for the fans, I think he tends to treat them pretty well - until they criticise him, then all bets are off. RTD was exactly the same, mind. If I had to choose one thing that’s holding modern-day Who back, it’s that, the fact that its showrunners are constantly incapable of listening to criticism. They seem to have it in their heads that it’s a massive flaw to do that, when actually it’s one of the most sensible things you can do as a writer.

Also I’m really glad Moffat no longer has his Twitter. It was mostly awful.





One of my favourite shows:


One of my least favourite shows:


Do you see my problem

That you don’t actually like Doctor Who?

That you only like RTD-era Who and are being unnecessarily passive-aggressive toward the Moffat era in order to make your opinion seem relevant? 

You are not understanding. Let me break it down for you:



Good grief. Russell T, much as I reckon/very much hope he’s probably improved now:

(All sourced for you: I would very much like to see your sources for ‘Moffat doesn’t pass the Bechdel test’, incidentally. No Clara/Merry conversation from The Rings Of Akhaten? None of Vastra and Jenny’s interaction? No Amy’s conversations with her daughter? No Miss Gillyflower and her daughter? No Amy wanting to high-five Queen Neferiti? Even if you stopped watching after Series Five, what about the interaction between Ambrose Northover and her Silurian captive, which the whole plot of that episode hangs on? Going back even further, what about the friendship between Sally and Kathy in Blink?)

If we’re talking strictly plot-related things, Russell T Davies destroyed the Doctor’s home planet and made him the last Timelord, which is rather a big change from the classic series. And I would also be interested to learn how Clara Oswald’s life revolves solely around the Doctor, when he’s working to her career schedule. But that’s a minor concern, really.

Sticking some text over images does not a good argument make, I’m sorry. Anyway, now you know - RTD’s era was transphobic, racist, sexist and problematic in all sort of ways. Mickey’s treatment got a small article in a national newspaper, I’ve long forgotten which, complaining about how racist it was. Martha’s treatment was discussed at length all over the blogosphere, including (I never quite forgot this, even half a decade later) someone reporting that her young son didn’t want to watch the show anymore because the Doctor was so horrible to Martha. Donna’s treatment, and the lack of consent given in her last scene, was likewise analysed and loathed. I was furious when the N-word thing dawned on me, I didn’t want my Doctor to be a racist. God, it was a mess. Do you still like it, that horrible, problematic thing?

Of course you bloody do. Think about why.


Martha Jones and Mickey Smith, Stolen Earth/Journey’s End

Yes, Mickey looks completely anonymously. Well what can you do with short hair and almost completely black clothes, right? :shrugs:

Martha Jones is also all black, but well… it was for Song of Freedom set again, so I couldn’t do another outfit, could I? But she came out pretty fine I think.


You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Title: Welcome To The Hotel California
Fandom: Doctor Who
Music: The Eagles
Length: 3:38
Vidder: sarah531

I made this two years ago! The other night I remembered how much I loved the song and went looking for it. 

If you can put up with Tumblr’s bad quality encoding (or watch it here instead) it’s still actually Not Bad, as far as ‘videos that make Doctor Who look creepier than it actually is’ go.