Google autocomplete experiment: Doctor Who.

Type a character name and ‘is’ into Google - observe the top five (although some characters will have less) autocomplete results - examine the differences between the women and the men, and between white characters and characters of colour.

Here’s Doctor Who!

All the main female characters have ‘annoying’ in their results somewhere. (The sheer amount of times the word ‘annoying’ comes up for female characters, while it almost never comes up for male ones, was one of the things I found most interesting about the initial experiment.)

Typing in ‘mickey smith is’ only gets results for the real-life photographer who shares his name, which is a bit disappointing. I was in two minds about whether to include Danny Pink or not, since we haven’t actually met him yet, but since his casting met with a flurry of speculation - and since he looks likely to be the first black main character the show has seen for over five years (!)- I decided to include him.

Typing ‘the twelfth doctor is’ brings up nothing, or it did for me. If you get different results to any of this, please tell me! But for the moment, I think it’s a pretty good indication to how fandom swings on its female characters right now. Martha’s top result is a nice surprise, though.

All results correct as of 17:00 BST, 9th June 2014. They almost certainly will change as time and the TV show goes on: I’m curious to see what changes!

Have at it! What do you think?

A cornucopia of Companions.

(background is one of the free ones from the BBC site)


The Doctor. The man who makes people better”.

Doctor Who official artwork » Donna Noble

Artists (l-r): Rob Davis, Brian Williamson, Dan McDaid, Ben Morris, Martin Geraghty, Alister Pearson, Adrian Salmon, John Ross, Daryl Joyce [x]


i just realised what i hate so much about the ending to donnas storyline is that it completely erases any importance of her own storyline and character development and turns it into sad doctor manpain ew

Exaaaaaaactly. :(

(Her being called ‘the most important woman in the universe’ throughout her series almost seems like an insult to her after that, since apparently the title only existed at all so it could be taken from her. Can’t really dethrone the Doctor from his position as most important man in the universe, after all.)


Doctor Who AU dark musical comedy in which several companions conspire to kill various versions of the Time Lord who wronged them

And now the six merry murderesses of the Stormcage Containment Facility in their rendition of The Cell Block Tango…

D’ya know, I actually have headcanons for where each companion shops for clothes (pre- and when not adventuring):

ROSE: Primark, plus she buys clothes from Henriks with her staff discount
MARTHA: Next, sometimes John Lewis if she has enough money
DONNA: Marks & Spencers (mostly the sales)
AMY: New Look, H&M, sometimes independent stores
CLARA: Independent and vintage stores, also wears clothes that once belonged to her mother