OTPS I Love To Pieces:


Who: The other unrequited love story of Les Miserables. (The first one being Marius and Eponine, obviously.)

When: I saw the Les Mis movie the day it opened in England (I had fond memories of it from high school), and then I went on the internet and then I read the Actual Book and suddenly a whole new ship had eaten my life. It took a matter of days. DAYS!

Les Mis is really long, summarize this bit for me?: Well, there’s this group called Les Amis d’ABC. They’re all pretty awesome, and Enjolras is their leader, and Grantaire is basically the guy who sits in the corner and gets drunk all the time and is hopelessly in love with Enjolras. (The book devotes a whole paragraph to that, in fact.) Enjolras is a blond, chaste avenging-angel type, and Grantaire is a cynical alcoholic, so it’s not like they really fit together, and Grantaire pretty much screws up any chance he gets to impress him anyway. Then, when the revolution starts and the barricades go up, he gets drunk and passes out in an upstairs room, missing the battle and the deaths of all his friends. Enjolras on the other hand fights bravely and accepts his end when it comes, cornered in the same room.

It’s just when the National Guard are about to shoot him (although luckily for everyone they don’t really want to and are taking their sweet time about it) that Grantaire wakes up, sees the person he loves about to die, calls out and goes to stand with him in front of the guns. He even asks Enjolras if he minds sharing his last moments with him, and Enjolras responds by smiling and grasping his hand. And that’s how they bow out of the story. I bet it’s made a fair few cry.

For love of god someone tell me why everyone tags this as “E/R”: It’s from the book, basically! ‘Grantaire’ sounds like ‘grand R’ or ‘capital R’ in French, so he signs himself ‘R’. (I had to ask that question too. I think everyone does.)

Why: E/R basically has everything I look for in a ship: a redemptive arc and a grand gesture and a tragedy that’s probably not really a tragedy depending on how you look at it. True, they both die, but Grantaire gets to die hand-in-hand with the person he loves and the last thing he sees is his smile; Enjolras gets to die knowing he inspired someone to greater things, and that he meant more than life to the man he always thought believed in nothing.

It’s a relationship that probably couldn’t have succeeded in any way other than how it did, AUs aside. But, loving Enjolras raises Grantaire up to the level he barely believed was even there- when he awakes to see Enjolras about to be shot, and calls out to the firing squad when he could have escaped, the word ‘transfigured’ is used to describe him. Good word. To love another person is to see the face of God, as they say…

OTPS I Love To Pieces:


Who: My Disney OTP, from Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. He’s a dorky Captain and she’s a badass Romani dancer.

Who plays them: Kevin Kline and Demi Moore did their voices.

Why: Okay, so Esmerelda isn’t part of the official Disney Princess lineup, but I think she’s actually my favourite Disney woman, princess or not princess. She’s a TOTAL BADASS. And then there’s Phoebus, who’s an adorable noble dork who needs to be rescued by her three times in the movie. (Reversal of stereotypes seems to be a thing lots of my OTPs have in common.) They both have a love of justice, and a hatred of innocents suffering, and a lot of fighting spirit in them. On their own either one would be brilliant but together they’re amazing.

Best moment: Phoebus watches in awe as Emerelda single-handedly escapes ten of Frollo’s men and humiliates Frollo in front of a massive crowd. “What a woman!”

Second-best moment: At the end of the movie Quasimodo takes both their hands and puts them together, giving his blessing for the relationship and symbolically marrying them.

Fun fact: Back in the Nineties I had actual Barbie dolls of these two. They used to go around as a couple and befriend all the other Barbies.

OTPS I Love To Pieces:


Who: Spider-Man and his best mate.

Who plays them: Tobey Maguire and James Franco. Course, now there’s a new Spider-Man, one Mr Andrew Garfield…I have my fingers crossed that one day there’ll be a new Harry to go with him.

Why: Admittedly, a lot of this is sort of semi-headcanons mixed up with wild interpretations of canon. And pretty much completely set in the movie-verse. But I love these two to bits, always have. My headcanon is that Harry fancies his friend, (and is in fact bisexual) but is much too afraid to show it considering what his upbringing was like. And because the poor sod’s just plain been rejected all his life. So he has all these FEELS that Peter remains oblivious too…and will now remain oblivious to for the rest of his life, considering Harry’s dead and all. Sniff.

(Well, sometimes Peter goes back through old memories and wonders. But it’s too painful to linger over much.)

What could have been: Once I had vague plans for a AU where Harry lived (oh, and his face never healed, that would be much more interesting), became a playwright, was best man at Peter and MJ’s wedding, and just sort of watched them from afar for the rest of his life, not wanting to ruin their happiness. Oh, and he burned all his dad’s experiments and stuff. Even though Norman was screaming in his head while he did it.

Best moment: Harry takes a fatal stab wound for Peter, without a moment’s hesitation, despite the fact that Peter previously went all eeeeevil and beat and disfigured him. WITHOUT A MOMENT’S HESITATION, YOU GUYS.

OTPS I Love To Pieces:


Who: Doctor Who, actually. They’re Amy Pond and Rory Williams (-Pond?), current travelling companions of the Doctor.

Who plays them: Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill- plus Caitlin Blackwood and Ezekiel Wigglesworth play them as kids.

Why: Amy and Rory are my OTP of all time- few others come even close. They went through so much, did so much, became so much- and despite that they still remained so wonderfully, awesomely ordinary. Like us. Love isn’t always dancing through the stars- it’s also having to pay the mortgage, fix the DVD player, unblock the toilet…raise the kids…

They’re opposites in many ways: the faithless and the faithful, the healer and the fighter, the anchor and the waterfall. Yet they complement each other too- Rory’s caution and compassion coupled with Amy’s wildness and cleverness makes them into one hell of a team. (So it’s no surprise River turned out one hell of a person, either.) And they constantly save each other, defying time and space and even the Silence themselves. “She will never come back for you,” they said- but the Ponds always, always come back for each other.

They’re just a perfect mixture of looking into each others’ eyes and looking outward in the same direction. I don’t think I’ll ever love another TV couple as much as I love them.

Best moment: Old Amy, aged by a time loop, tells her husband she won’t save her younger self. “Look me in the face and say that now.” Rory says to her. He holds the time-glass up to his head, where an image of Young Amy flickers into being- Amy looks at her Rory’s stupid face, and sees herself. I love that moment, it’s so beautiful and so symbolic- Rory’s happy to disregard his own identity, always, in favour of Amy’s if it’s what she needs. He’s happy to become anything, anyone, for her. That’s why the mild-mannered nurse will always don the armour and weapons of an unstoppable killing machine if he thinks Amy wants it: so much of what he is is wrapped up in her. And vice versa.

Second-best moment: In The Big Bang, in the middle of various terrible events, Rory asks Amy if she’s okay. “Are you?” she asks. “No,” he answers. “Well, shut up then!” Amy snaps, utterly distraught. Rory says nothing…just hugs her tightly. And this was the long, long night before their wedding.