Anonymous: <p>ME AGAIN. What are the comm&#8217;s thoughts on a. Nancy from The Doctor Dances (she was sort of the first Moffat Woman, and I&#8217;m quite fond of her, so I wondered) and b. Amy/Rory, and both of them as individuals? I used to find the relationship very feminist, less so now, but I still like it. MY THOUGHTS LET ME SHOW YOU THEM but I wanna hear yours first.</p> 


Here are my opinions,

Firstly Nancy, she is certainly better than most of Moffat’s female characters. 

She is resourceful, compassionate and confident. The thing I really love about Nancy, though, is she has flaws and uncertainties. For example, she is brave (breaking into bomb crash site being guarded by soldiers isn’t exactly for the faint-hearted) but she still has her breaking point. When she is trapped with the guard turning into a gas-mask zombies she is visibly scared. Or her conversation with Rose about the war, and she’s lost all hope for the future. This makes her real as opposed to a Strong Female Character™.

Secondly, Amy and Rory’s relationship. I have a lot of problems with the way their relationship has developed and the way we, the viewers, are supposed to see these changes. 

Initially Amy was more assertive, whereas Rory was slightly more passive. The traditional gender roles one would expect to find in a heterosexual relationship wee inverted. This is completely turned on it’s head during series six, best exemplified during AGMGTW when Rory fights the enemy whilst Amy runs and hides with the baby. 

I get the feeling this is meant to be seen as a positive thing, as if there is something wrong with the initial dynamics of the relationship but they’ve now grown as a couple, both of them fitting into their proper places. blergh

As individuals; I have no problems with Amy, it’s the storylines she’s given that annoy me. E.g. Series Six and the Tale of the Mystical Pregnancy. I initially liked Rory, the way he inhabited traditionally feminine behaviours particularly interested me however as series six has gone on his possessiveness over Amy, and his jealously of Amy’s relationship with The Doctor has really started to grate on me.  

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling. What are your thoughts about this darling followers? 

Hmm, that quote was me. Dunno why it’s coming out as anonymous…

I LOVED NANCY. Her whole story did revolve around motherhood, but she was still very much her own person. Plus, she wasn’t punished for having a baby out of wedlock, or being a teenage single mum. Coolio.

Amy/Rory/feminism/lack thereof etc is kind of a minefield for me. I ship them like burning and love them both, but I sometimes wonder if this makes me a feminist or not a feminist or what. (I have the same problems with Misfits now and again. I worry. About everything. A LOT.) They were so wonderful in Series Five, with a load of gender roles neatly reversed, but things did take a bit of a downwards turn in Series Six. I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME succeed in making sense of the stop-hugging-Doctor-and-Amy bit (dude Rory you were telling the Doctor to come down and join you and Amy a minute ago) so eventually I fanwanked it into Rory coming from a place of ‘stop hugging cos we need to all talk about what the hell the people who want our baby are doing’ rather than ‘get yer hands off my woman you git’. NONE CAN DO FANWANK LIKE I CAN.

Anyway, I badly wish they’d drop the Permission To Hug thing, although I suppose I blame the Doctor for that more than Rory. Rory’s reaction to it in Let’s Kill Hitler makes me think he’s exasperated that the Doctor is asking him, rather than grudgingly letting the Doctor hug ‘his girl’- when I was screencapping it earlier I noticed him sort of subtly (very subtly…) shaking his head when the Doctor asked.
But it is bloody annoying anyway, and if Moffat wants to get back in my good books, he’ll have either the Doctor or Rory ask Amy for permission to hug the other at some point.

I actually have a whole post planned about Amy and motherhood and stuff, but I’m still working on it. ETA the year six billion. But the thing that disturbs me the most about the waking-up-about-to-give-birth thing…unless Amy has extremely avant-garde pyjamas, someone undressed her while she was unconcious. That won’t occur to children, but it will occur to adults, and it occured to me and I don’t like it.

Hmm I seem to have written a lot. I can’t really let go of Rory these days, even when I’m mad at him he fascinates me. On Confidential- The Almost People confidential to be exact- Arthur Darvill said “I think Rory has to try not to be posessive,” and I SO BADLY want Rory’s posessive streak to be explored, but I bet it won’t. The end of The God Complex gives me hope that Rory is Getting The Hell Over It, because he’s happy to leave Amy and the Doctor alone for what he must have guessed would be an emotion-packed scene, but…YOU STOP IT RORY, I FORGIVE YOU BECAUSE JEALOUSY IS A VERY HUMAN TRAIT AND ONE I SHARE BUT STILL STOP IT.

Um yes. There are some things about Amy/Rory in series six that I like very much and think are fairly feminist. I like that in The Wedding Of River Song, it’s Amy who asks Rory to marry her rather than the traditional man asking the woman, and I like that Rory still does have to be saved by Amy quite a bit (The Curse Of The Black Spot, bits of The Girl Who Waited, The Wedding Of River Song). But other than that it wasn’t as good. I have my hopes high for season seven, though. I don’t know why, I just do.

I like that, despite all the Amy Williams nonsense, Rory is a Pond, too. Steven Moffat and Arthur Darvill have both said it in interviews, and Rory tends to be referred to as Pond, so…yeah, I like that. I’ve never seen a TV couple use the woman’s name, so this I find groovy.

THIS IS GETTING LONG. Um, I also did this thing here a while back, on LJ, about what the show might be like if Amy and Rory’s genders were swapped. I can post it here on Tumblr if anyone wants. Sorry for the length of this I JUST FIND IT ALL SO INTERESTING, even if beloved fictional characters are sometimes jerks. Um. Sarah out. Also Nancy you were awesome and should come back at some point as an old woman who raised Jamie to be an awesome adult and then saved the world in some way and did cool stuff.

This song is You Give Me Something by James Morrison- it’s the song that plays as Amy and Rory dance at their wedding. I thought it summed up the progression of their relationship (and Amy’s feelings for Rory, specifically) through Series Five perfectly. Nice song choice, production team!

That scene of Aragorn was the first thing I thought of when Rory said that line in The Girl Who Waited.


All our trials.

All our trials.